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Tulsa Bad Credit Auto Finance with Overdrive Automotive Center


Overdrive Automotive Center offers Guaranteed Auto Loans regardless of your credit score.  We are Tulsa’s Bad Credit Auto Finance Experts.

Overdrive prides itself on always offering the lowest interest rates regardless of our customers good or previously not so good credit.  If you have had credit problems in the past or currently have credit issues purchasing a vehicle can typically be a bit challenging.  It used to be nearly impossible to get the financing or auto loan that you need when your credit is less than perfect.  If you were able to get financed with bad credit the interest rate would be sky high.  Not anymore.  We offer easy credit approval to customers in all kinds of bad credit situations.

Our finance department makes it easy for our customers to purchase a vehicle regardless of their previous or current credit situation. We know that there are a lot of factors that can contribute to bad credit, and we don’t believe that should stop you from getting the vehicle you need to go about your business. Whether you have a rocky credit history or you’re just a first-time buyer, we want to help you get your next vehicle.



  Bad Credit
  Open Bankruptcy
  First-time Buyers
  Closed Bankruptcy


Best of all by financing through our select financial companies we help to establish or re-establish credit with the purchase of a late model pre-owned vehicle.  When you purchase your next vehicle from us and make your payments on time, your newly established payment history will be reported to credit bureaus, helping you build or re-build your credit.  With this new payment history, you will have better credit. This means you’ll also have more financial freedom and increased purchasing power for your future needs; it will become easier for you to purchase things like a newer vehicle or a new home when the time comes.

We have helped hundreds of people establish and re-establish their credit while helping them get a safe and dependable vehicle.

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