The benefits and best reasons to purchase a small car.  Drivers in many areas lean towards the small vehicle while Americans cannot get enough of the “bigger the better” ideal. So this raises the question, why buy a small car?  Here are some great reason to consider smaller cars, from saving money to versatility.

Better Gas mileage

A more obvious bonus to driving a smaller vehicle is that you will probably be saving gas. By shopping for a smaller car you have more options for fuel efficiency and a more green approach to driving. You could be saving money and also contributing to saving the planet by choosing a smaller car.

Cheaper Insurance

Here’s another reason based on cost. Insurance for smaller cars is typically more affordable. You can often find better plans and prices for a compact vehicle compared to large vehicles.

Easier to Park

Let’s just state the obvious. You can fit into the smallest areas of street parking, which can be a novelty in most big cities or crowded towns. You can also fit into the newly popularized compact car spots found in many modern parking lots. With a smaller car, you can slide right into the smallest of spaces without a struggle. Also, many modern garages are only equipped to fit smaller cars. This leaves you more room for storage in your garage space.

Great Fashion

Smaller cars often come with a sleek look. Not only are they small and slick, they now come with some of the most stunning interior and exterior displays. Smaller models are often offered in more colors and design options when compared to SUVs, so you can have the most fashionable car on modern streets.


A common belief among American drivers is that smaller cars are not as safe as larger vehicles because they can get trampled in the event of collision. However, newer technologies such as electronic stability control and side-curtain airbags have allowed smaller cars to avoid collisions and become safer to drive.

Plenty of Room

Although larger cars are often chosen due to their capability to fit more cargo and passengers, smaller cars are no longer skimping on room. Many cars on the market today have surprising amounts of cargo space.

Great Technology

Larger SUV-type cars used to be known for their top-of-the-line technologies and innovations. They would often be accompanied by great display systems and extra features that smaller cars were not offered. However, this is no longer the case. Smaller cars are now equipped with the tech features that you would find in almost any other sized car. You can now be afforded the luxury of a large display system within your compact car, for example.

Driving style

Drivers may find smaller cars more enjoyable to drive than larger ones. Although having a smaller engine, their small size allows these cars to accelerate quickly, perform sharp turns, and break efficiently, allowing drivers to feel more in control behind the wheel.

Automotive Luxuries

Larger SUVs can often afford extra luxuries, but the new models of smaller cars seem to be challenging the luxury of larger SUVs. Small cars are now fronted with extreme class and luxury, top-of-the-line tech, sleek design, and more. Stepping out of a two-door car has never been more luxurious than it is now.

The Price of a Smaller Car

Obviously, when shopping for cars, smaller models will have a smaller price tag than the larger vehicles. They are generally more affordable from the start of your purchase until the end.

Cheaper Upkeep

Maintenance and upkeep may be more manageable in smaller cars as they often cost less to maintain throughout their lifetimes. This factor can save you time, money and from dealing with unneeded stress.

A smaller car doesn’t necessarily mean you are losing out on what a larger car can give you. Many modern car drivers are converting to smaller vehicles for a multitude of reasons, like those listed above. Take these into consideration when you’re in the market for a newer car and deciding between a larger car and a more compact option. You may be gaining a lot by choosing a smaller option.

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